Shoutleaf only offers one hosting package. You get access to all the same features that all websites hosted on Shoutleaf servers (including have access to. Instead of charging extra for various features such as multiple domain names or email addresses, Shoutleaf charges a simple base rate plus a tiny “overage” fee (just a few cents for most clients) based on the amount of disk space and bandwidth that your site uses each month. That way you can start out small and you never have to worry about switching hosts as you expand and grow.


+ /GB Bandwidth
+ 10¢/GB Disc Space

Typical 1 Month Usage

Base Price = $10.00
Bandwidth Used 1.5GB ×  1¢/GB = $ 0.01
Disc Space Used 0.3GB × 10¢/GB = $ 0.03
Total $10.04

sign up

To sign up for Shoutleaf web hosting, send me an email. Seriously! I disabled the signup form because it’s impersonal. Here’s my address:

I’d like to talk to you a little and offer personal help as you get set up. I’ll talk you through the process. Yes, that may mean you’ll have to wait a little bit to get started with your hosting. And yes, it takes me a lot more work than leaving everything automated, but I think the real connection is worth the trade-off.